pruning branch

Tree Pruning

In our premier tree pruning service we use the proper tools to keep your trees looking healthy and beautiful. Trees are pruned with an emphasis on both the tree's curb appeal and its long-term health and well-being.

Wind and Ice Storm Damage

Damaged or fallen trees make for dangerous and difficult work even for the homeowner who is experienced with a chainsaw. Please ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your property by leaving it to the professionals at Biemann Tree Care. In emergency situations, we can provide you with immediate response. Please phone us and indicate that your trees or property have received storm damage so we can get out to you and assess the mess!

fallen ash tree and chainsaw

Tree Removal

We work with home and property owners to ensure tree removal is the right option and that it's done right. Varying levels of clean-up and material disposal are offered to meet the needs of your property and budget.


Hedge Trimming

Unfortunately, for handsome looking hedges the best time to trim them was usually two weeks ago! But it's never too late, so give us a call! Your hedges will thank you — and possibly also your neighbours!


Shrub Pruning and Trimming

Sometimes the most beautiful additions to gardens and landscapes are the small ones. Like large trees, shrubs benefit from pruning for shape, size and structure. Well-pruned shrubbery may also flower more vigorously.