Other Services

climbing a tree with ropes

Tree Climbing

Sometimes, there are reasons to hire a professional to climb a tree that don't involve a saw! Cat stuck? Rope swing installation gone awry? Got your new drone caught in a tree? Safe, non-invasive, quiet, and quick. And know that we never will use spurs or any other tool that will gash or mar your beautiful tree! Rope access in trees is what we do best. If it's in a tree — call me!



We regularly have small amounts of firewood available. Ordering early in the season — August to October — is best to ensure availability. We can also saw and split your own wood on your property as well! See below for further details.

Wood Splitting

We hate seeing good firewood go to waste. Know that we can cut, split, move, and stack your fallen or limbed trees and place the firewood elsewhere on your property. In a season or two, you'll have a substantial supply of your own firewood!