tree seedlings

Tree Planting

There are four considerations we make at Biemann Tree Care when planting trees:

  • Choosing the right species for the site, based on soil conditions, moisture levels, size limitations, and light levels.
  • Using good quality nursery stock.
  • Employing the proper hole size and planting depth.
  • Coaching our clients on caring for their new tree and help them in undertaking watering, mulching and pruning schedules.

wood chipper

Wood and Brush Chipping

Do you already have a pile of brush on your property? Perhaps you planned on burning it but have changed your mind? Never fear, for it will soon be turned into a pile of chips with our compact and powerful chipper! We'll either leave you with those wood chips for flower beds, pathways and other horticultural applications, or haul them away for you. A reasonable hourly rate is charged for this service, competitive with the cost of renting the chipper yourself.


Care for Treed Properties

Sometimes, all a forested property needs is the careful and artful application of a chainsaw. You may well be surprised at the natural beauty of your property after we:

  • Clear away the undergrowth.
  • Remove standing dead trees.
  • Elevate the bottom branches of your trees so that you can enjoy a snag-free walk.


Mulch Application

Trees receive many benefits from a layer of mulch around them, but can suffer when it's improperly applied. We are happy to offer delivery and complete application of mulch around the base of your trees.

Stump Removal

Mechanical stump grinding service is available with prices reflecting the size and access to the stump.